New Jersey Truck Struck at Accident Scene

Forty-eight vehicles, including three tractor-trailers, were involved in 24 separate crashes, and 17 people were injured in the incident.

The 23-year-old fire engine was scheduled to be replaced next year, he said.

Sondervan said he would call the borough's insurance company Monday to determine whether the truck could be repaired or would have to be replaced.

He said the department would try to retrieve another fire engine being serviced in South Brunswick. In the meantime, Oakland may need to rely on neighboring departments for help, he said.

Despite the accident, he said his department was prepared.

"We've actually been waiting for it since [Route] 287 came through," he said, because the major roadway goes through Oakland. "This is actually the accident we've kind of been waiting for.

"Really, we've been lucky up to now that we haven't had something like this."

Staff Writers Mike Kerwick, William Lamb and Allison Pries contributed to this article.

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