Suspicious Virginia Fire Ravages Home

The home was fully involved in the predawn hours when Chesterfield was toned out.

On July 24 at 0411 hours, Chesterfield firefighters were dispatched to 2813 Goolsby Ave for a structure fire. Responding on the initial dispatch were Engine 11, Engine 2, Engine 17, Engine 14, Engine 3, Truck 3, Truck 14, Ambulance 11, TSO, Battalion 1 and 2, on mutual aid City of Richmond Quint 21. Chesterfield Police also responded and arrived on scene first confirming the structure was fully involved, but that the correct address was 2807 Goolsby Ave.

The first address given belonged to an apartment complex which resulted in the amount of initial resources that were dispatched. When the correct address was known and revealed to be a house not an apartment complex, several units were placed back in service.

Crews had multiple challenges with the fire. The fire was so advanced when crews arrived, the structure was unstable. It was relayed as a vacant structure so the operation went into defensive mode with initial knockdown by Truck 3's master stream.

Several residents in nearby homes had to be evacuated because the fire was spreading into nearby trees adjacent to the other homes. Apparatus dealt with staging on a very narrow road and in the nearby apartment complex. Live wires were an issue.

Five inch quick connect supply line was used. For hitting hotspots firefighters stretched multiple hand lines. A layer of Class A foam was applied as an added preventive measure.

During the operation Engine 1 provided station coverage for Station 3 and Engine 15 provided station coverage for Station 11.

The fire is under investigation.