9-11-05 IS SUNDAY. We Said We Would Never Forget!

It's no excuse to foget. As firefighters, we have the time, the energy, the interest and the heart.

9-11-05 is this Sunday. In case some forgot.

And for some, it might be easy, given the situation in our Gulf States. But it's no excuse. As firefighters, we have the time, the energy, the interest and the heart.

While some areas of the United States will be having memorial services honoring all those who were murdered, some will not. It might be just another Sunday. After all, little Julie or Jimmy has tennis lessons, soccer games or their parents have some other critical issue such as a golf game. Perhaps many have even now started to forget about the entire Katrina situation. Lame!

For those of you who have something planned for 9-11-05, that's the way it should be. It is a solemn day when we must remind anyone and every one of what happened and what could very well happen again. But it is also more. It is a day to remember how good we have it here as Americans and as firefighters, and how close we could be to losing our freedom. Don't think for a second that those animals don't have more plans for us.

If you have plans for a memorial service or remembrance of some kind this weekend, your community is fortunate. Make sure everyone knows. For those who don't, it is still not too late. We have three days.

Firefighters need to take the lead and firm up the community events now, and keep it as a tradition. Small, large, whatever. Get the word out. Invite the media. Invite local and federally elected officials. Invite school kids, senior citizens, and all community service groups. Invite, invite, invite. Have the local band perform. Just do something. Dig out that shirt or ball cap you have somewhere that says "Never Forget" and do what it says. Show some leadership.

Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones, friends and family on 9-11-01 as well as to the families of our military who have loved ones serving, and who have lost loved ones serving, so we can enjoy the good things that we have.

From the Firehouse.com Family