Bodybuilding Boston Firefighter Told To Report


A firefighter who was ordered back to work after he was caught bodybuilding while out on disability failed to report to work Monday, according to a Boston Fire Department spokesman.

Albert Arroyo, 46, was scheduled to return to his job at the Boston Fire Department's inspectional services facility, where he works as an inspector. Officials said if he fails to show for work about 9 a.m. he could be fired.

Late last week, the city's fire commissioner ordered Arroyo to report back to work after viewing a video of Arroyo competing in a bodybuilding competition.

When Arroyo was in the competition in May he had been on paid leave for at least two months with a disability application pending. Arroyo's doctor had diagnosed Arroyo as permanently disabled by a back injury suffered on the job.

The physician, Dr. John F. Mahoney, of Caritas Carney Hospital, told the Boston Globe his diagnosis of Arroyo's back problems was legitimate. He said he had no idea the firefighter was also a bodybuilder and said Arroyo's back injury could have been caused by his weightlifting activities.

The Globe said Mahoney has treated 25 other firefighters whose injuries he determined to be so severe that the city should award them accidental disability pensions. Twenty-one have had their disability pensions approved.

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