New York's Bravest Battling Fires in New Orleans

(Randall's Island-WABC, September 7, 2005) - The help from our area continues heading to the disaster zone. More emergency personnel from our area are heading to the Gulf region today. Hundreds of New York City Firefighters have been busy battling fires in New Orleans.

Another Caravan of New York Fire Department vehicles is set to head out at seven o'clock this morning from Randall's Island.

New York's bravest fought at least five fires yesterday in New Orleans, including one in the city's Garden district.

Unable to get hydrants working, firefighters relied on helicopters loaded with water-bladders to douse the flames.

Firefighters will bring more supplies and provide back up for their 300 FDNY colleagues who are already helping out in the relief effort.

The FDNY is leaving to New Orleans in the truck donated to New York during '9/11'.

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