Virginia Firefighters Hit Suspicious Blaze

The high humidity was oppressive in Chesterfield as firefighters were toned out to a suspicious structure fire.

It was 1605 hours on July 11, when neighbors of a residence at 8801 Hopkins road called 911 reporting a fire.

Responding were: Engines 17, 1 and 15. Truck 9, Rescue 14, Medic 17, TSO, Battalion Chiefs One and Two.

First on scene reported the structure was fully involved, with heavy fire through the roof. Information relayed to dispatch stated the home was unoccupied. Due to the advanced stage of the fire and condition of the structure posing safety concerns, the fire attack was an aggressive defensive operation.

Firefighters teamed up for the surround and drown.

Five inch supply line kept a steady water flow going and firefighters made their hits with 1 3/4 inch hand lines. Truck 9 smacked the fire with its power stream. The mission was soon accomplished with a fast knock down.

High heat and humidity were a challenge, but firefighters were monitored throughout the battle and rehab had been established at the onset of the operation.

Neighbors said they had seen several juveniles running from the property when the fire was seen.

The home had numerous antiques that belonged to the family stored inside.

The fire is under investigation.