Vision 20/20 Continues Work Toward Goal

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Vision 20/20 -- a program that brought fire prevention experts from around the country together a few months ago -- remains alive and kicking.

Several participants met again last month in Washington, and remain more committed than ever to reducing fire loss in America, said Jim Crawford, project manager.

"We are making progress. There are some really dedicated volunteers involved in this project," he said.

Crawford said the panel has been busy working on action plans to coincide with each of the strategies identified during the original sessions. "Some people, some real experts, have stepped up to the plate and agreed to spear-head some of the issues."

They also are in the process of trying to identify partners willing to make long term commitments to the effort.

To carry the project along, Crawford said they will be seeking federal funding. "I can't say enough about the commitment the committee members have demonstrated."

The Institution of Fire Engineers -- USA Branch was primarily responsible for making Vision 20/20 become a reality. They received a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant, and dedicated those funds to the project.

"...The returns on this investment in saving lives will be one that will resonate for years to come," Crawford said earlier about the program.

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