Six Virginia Firefighters Treated at Structure Fire

Richmond firefighters were toned out around noon on July 7 for a working structure fire.

During the firefight six firefighters were treated for heat related injuries; one was transported to the hospital for chest pain.

Responding to 800 N. 22nd St were Quint 11, Truck 1, Quint 8, Quint 15, Rescue 1, and Battalion 1. Quint 11 arrived on the scene and reported a two-story single family with heavy smoke visible from all sides of the second floor.

Quint 11 personnel stretched an attack line and headed to the second floor to find the fire. Rescue 1 arrived on the scene and began a primary search of the first and second floors to check for occupants. Quint 11 reported high heat conditions on the second division, but could not find any fire.

Rescue one reported to command that they found heavy fire conditions in the rear of the first division.

Quint 8 then advanced a second line into the first floor to attack the fire and Truck 1 performed ventilation.

Truck 1 and Quint 11 laddered the roof and the members of Quint 15 provided ladders to the A, B, and D sides of the building and established the R.I.T.

"A well coordinated attack made quick work of this fast moving mid-day fire," said Lt. Mike Oprandy

The fire is under investigation.