NIOSH Releases Two LODD Reports

Thermal imaging cameras should be used during the initial size-up of a fire to determine the intensity and possible structure damage.

That was one of the suggestions NIOSH investigators made following the probes of two collapse incidents that killed firefighters.

On Aug. 27, 2006, two FDNY firefighters were killed when the floor collapsed in a commercial structure.

Michael Reilly, 25, a rookie, and Lt. Howard Carpluk, 43, were advancing a hose line in the store when the V-shaped collapse of the floor occurred. Both fell into the basement where they were struck by shelves of merchandise, according to the NIOSH report.

The second investigative report released Tuesday dealt with the death of Shane Daughetee, 24, a volunteer firefighter, who fell through a floor at a house fire.

The Jan. 26, 2007 blaze occurred when the engineered wooden I-beams failed.

NIOSH investigators noted in both incidents that construction materials were factors.

In the New York building, they discovered 2x4 boards were used inappropriately. Nails were used instead of bolts to attach gusset plates to the columns and girders.

In the Tennessee house, the team examined the floor trusses. They urged firefighters to be aware of the various components and how well they hold up after being exposed to heat or fire.

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