Boy Killed in Indianapolis House Fire


A 3-year-old boy was killed in a fire at a town home Sunday afternoon on Indianapolis' northwest side despite his mother's distraught attempt to save him.

The fire started in the living room of the home, near 71st Street and Georgetown Road, officials said. According to fire officials, the blaze began when a lit candle ignited some curtains nearby.

Candace Bell, who was staying at the home with a friend, got herself and one of her children out of the home, but Leonard Charles Harris III was trapped on the second floor. The flames were too intense for Bell to go back inside to save him.

"Units that first arrived on the scene met the mother in the front yard and said that she couldn't account for her 3-year-old son," said Gerald George, Pike Township fire chief. "Firefighters subsequently went inside, extinguished the fire, searching for the victim and found the victim upstairs."

Nigel Powers, 10, was walking by when he noticed the curtains inside his neighbor's town home were burning.

"I had a bag. I ran into the house, set my bag down. I got a bucket of mop water that I saw, pulled the mop out, got the water, and I ran over here and got some of it out, but not all of it," Powers said. "I didn't know if it would do much, but I tried."

Powers said he's sad for the siblings of the child who died, neighborhood children he calls his friends.