Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Closes Noose Case

The investigation began in February after two black firefighters reported finding nooses on their gear.

"We're all in search of the truth here, and I think there's a duty of a person employed by this city to tell the truth and come forward. I don't accept the fact that they were intimidated or uncomfortable sharing. That's not good enough," Peyton said. "The public deserves to know what happened here and I intend to pursue every legal avenue I have available, as far as disciplinary action, to insure that city employees do not impede investigation such as this."

The city was also hoping to hear more from the fire union on Monday. It had planned to hold a news conference to offer a reward to find out who placed the nooses on the firefighters' equipment.

The Jacksonville Association of Firefighters released a statement on Monday stating it would offer a reward to find out who placed the nooses, and that it would pay for the reward with money from its own pockets. It also stated it had the backing of local businesses and the Justice Coalition.

However, late Monday afternoon the association said things had not panned out yet.

In reaction to the JSO report being released, the president of the union, Roger Lewis, said he was happy the report was out.

"I think just the report being out itself, no matter what it says, brings a little closure," Lewis said. "I think it's in the best interest … to get this money together and bring some closure to this whole incident, and let's move on. Let's bring everybody together."