Retired Florida Firefighter Dies in House Fire

A house fire in Lake County, Fla., that neighbors originally ignored thinking it was a Thanksgiving weekend cookout killed a wheelchair-bound retired Florida firefighter, according to a Local 6 News report.
Fire officials said the blaze ignited at a home located at 611 First Ave., in Lady Lake Sunday after the wife of a wheelchair-bound former firefighter from Miami-Dade left for church.
Neighbors said they did not call immediately call 911 about the flames because they thought it was a barbecue.
"We thought the neighbors were grilling because I saw the reflection and I thought it was a reflection of the people across the street but it was really flames inside the house," neighbor Sarah Bramblett said.
"Precious minutes ticked by as the house burned and the wheelchair-bound man inside tried to drag himself to the door," Local 6's Erik von Ancken said.
A neighbor tried to break a window and rescue the man but was unsuccessful.
"We tried to get inside there but there was just complete black smoke," a neighbor said.
The name of the victim was not identified by officials.
The state fire marshal is investigating the blaze.
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