Arsonists Sentenced In Maryland Case

Patrick Walsh, the man convicted of orchestrating the worst arson fire in Maryland history was sentenced Monday morning in federal court in Greenbelt, Md.

Judge Roger Titus sentenced Walsh to the maximum recommended sentence under sentencing guidelines, 19 years and 7 months.

Titus also ordered Walsh to pay the victims $3.2 million in restitution.

Prosecutors said Walsh attempted to organize a new organization while in jail, called the Unseen Brotherhood Coalition, ostensibly to engage in financial fraud.

Walsh and his co-defendants in the fires were said to be a members of a gang called the Unseen Cavaliers.

Tuesday is the anniversary of the fires at the upscale homes under construction in the Hunters Brook development near Indian Head.

Co-defendant Aaron Speed was sentenced to eight years and four months. The judge agreed with Speed's attorney that Speed didn't use good judgment and wasn't the leader of the arson gang.

According to court documents, Speed, worked as a security guard at the construction site and felt slighted by his employers when his infant died last year.

Co-defendant Jeremy Parady was sentenced to seven years and three months. He apologized to the fire victims. His attorney said Parady has moved beyond the racism that motivated him in the fires.

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