Dry Conditions Spark Wildfires In Texas, Oklahoma

Dry conditions continue as wildfires pop up across North Texas, the latest in Denton County.

Firefighters quickly put out two blazes Monday near Ike Byrom Road. The fires destroyed several acres of farmland.


Firefighters said someone burning trash might have started the large wildfires in Johnson County over the weekend.

One family shot home video as the fires came dangerously close.

Seven homes in the area were destroyed as the fires charred more than 300 acres.

Investigators believe someone burning trash during a burning ban may have ignited the flames.

Sunday's wildfires were captured in dramatic home video as residents in Johnson County scrambled to save property.

The Bridschge family ran out to record the flames barring down on their home.

Robert Bridschge said a sudden wind shift and the garden hoses he used to wet his property combined to save his home.

"If you look out back, it was within 10 feet of it ... the fire was right up next to our propane tank," Bridschge said.

Texas isn't the only state dealing with wildfires.

Hundreds were forced from their homes in Central Oklahoma Monday because of fires. Strong winds and dry conditions fueled a number of fires in the state.

Flames destroyed more than 30 homes in 13 counties, and power was knocked out to thousands of people.

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