Texas Volunteer Fire Department To Be Shut Down

An emergency services board voted Tuesday night to shut down the South Bexar Volunteer Fire Department despite pleas from some of the taxpayers in the coverage area.

Firefighters with the South Bexar Volunteer Department were fighting to keep the department open, but the ESD #6 board voted to consolidate the department with Ata-Bexar and Sandy Oaks Volunteer Fire Departments.

That decision upset many at the meeting.

"You made a bad decision," resident Paulette Howell told the board. "You're going to cost people's lives."

Others supported the ruling.

"I don't want my taxes wasted on old and out of date equipment," resident Brenda Lawrence said.

A majority of the board members told News 4 WOAI they do not have enough money to keep South Bexar Volunteer Fire Department open.

"In the long run, the people will realize what we are trying to do," board member Marilyn Sue Matteny said. "We have plans that are coming up that we can not discuss at this time, but we have to do this to save all fire departments."

South Bexar firefighters claimed though their equipment may be old, it is reliable and paid for. The board members told News 4 WOAI taxpayers can expect longer response times when the department closes January 5th.