Elderly Michigan Couple Escapes House Fire


An elderly couple escaped from a blazing house fire on the 17000 block of Santa Rosa Street in Southfield on Monday morning.

An 81-year-old man is being treated at Beaumont Hospital for burns to the back of his throat after he tried saving his 83-year-old wife from the smoke-filled home.

Firefighters said the woman was disoriented when they arrived, but she did not have any other injuries.

"She was overcome with smoke and she was a little disoriented. I am sure from smoke inhalation, but it was good to see she was somewhat responsive, said firefighter Rob Scott.

An infrared camera helped firefighters locate the victims inside of the smoky house, according to fire officials.

The fire chief told Local 4 News that the new infrared cameras are expensive equipment, but they are worth the cost because they help them save lives.

"Rob and I carried her out from the smoke-filled house. ... In a foreign environment where you can't see where youre going, it was a bit of a challenge there, said firefighter Tim Lewinski.

Firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire, however they said the elderly woman was holding a cigarette lighter in her hand when she was rescued.

"Were going to do what we call overhaul in this house, make certain that there is no hidden fire in the walls, and then were going to conduct the investigation. Then the insurance company will seal up the house," said Peter Haley, chief of the Southfield Fire Department.

Health officials said the elderly couple will likely be released from the hospital on Tuesday.