Richmond, Virginia Firefighters Save Man From Apartment Blaze

Richmond's Bravest entered a burning apartment and discovered an unconscious patient.

The tone sounded at 0223 hours on Oct. 19, for a possible structure fire at 3912 Chamberlayne Ave.

Responding were: Quint 16, Truck 14, Quint 15, Quint 5, Rescue 2 and Battalion Chief 2.

First on scene reported a working apartment fire.

"Firefighter Chris Reamey (detailed at Q16), Firefighter J. Bohn and Firefighter Castro (Rescue 2), believing residents were inside went into rescue mode," explained Lt. Mike Oprandy, Richmond PIO. "The firefighters entered the apartment through the flames and smoke and began a primary search. Their diligence paid off when Firefighter Reamey discovered an unconsious male in a back room."

The firefighters then quickly rescued the man from the fire and smoke. Crews provided immediate aid and the patient was transported to VCU Medical Center. His condition has not been released.

Firefighters accomplished a quick knock down Lt. Oprandy explained. The cause is under investigation.