Kerosene Heater Spill Blamed In North Carolina Fatal Fire

A weekend fire that destroyed a home in Rockingham County claimed the life of a man inside and led officials to stress safety about kerosene heater usage.
The incident occurred Saturday night. Investigators said a kerosene heater that spilled in a living room sparked the blaze.
Spencer Carter died in the fire, according to authorities.
Carter's girlfriend, Marsha Brown, ran out of the bedroom and tried to put the fire out with blankets, but the flames grew too large.
She made it to the front door and urged Carter to come with her but he remained inside, officials said.
"We're not sure his reasoning for going back into the structure," said assistant fire marshal Jay Brooks.
Brooks said kerosene heaters should always be refueled outside and stored in a place that is not too close to any objects that could catch fire.
"We just hope the family will be supported in their time of grief, but at the same time we hope people will learn a lesson from this as well," Brooks said.
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