Fire, Explosions Rock Industrial Park

A wild fire blazed at the Superior Mill Complex within the Carnegie Industrial Park late Saturday night.
Firefighters from 10 companies battled the three-alarm fire late into the night.
The fire began at Building 21. The building reportedly houses Furure-All - a 25-year-old business that makes parts for the steel industry and deals with kerosene and paint thinner.
The building also hoursed a company called Pittsburgh Design, said officials.
Explosions were reported at the scene, due to the volatile chemicals housed inside. Parts of the building also collapsed.
Firefighters ordered an evacuation for residents along Superior Street, but later canceled the order.
Firefighters said that because the fire burned towards the back of the park they were worried the fire could spread to other buildings - possibly putting residents in danger.
Damage was reported at $2 million.
No injuries were reported.
Investigators still do not know what caused the fire, but they said it does not appear to be suspicious.