Virginia Firefighters Perform Difficult Extrication

Monday, Oct 15, the tone sounded at 0220 hours, Chesterfield County for a MVA.

Responding to Ironbridge Road/Cascade Rd were Engine 11, Truck 3 and Medic 3.

Additional info was dispatched reporting a citizen possibly trapped, vehicle overturned.

First on scene confirmed the traffic.

Battalion One and the TSO supervised and monitored the rescue.

In a special call Engine 24 was dispatched. Assessment of the situation resulted in the dispatch of Rescue 14, a Heavy Rescue unit.

The scenario was challenging. Crews reported a parking lot/street sweeper unit was overturned with a victim trapped underneath. The accident occured on a major thoroughfare with high traffic volume at all hours.

Chesterfield County Police closed all lanes of traffics and set up a perimeter so rescue crews could work safely.

Around the heavy vehicle laid the tools of the trade, spreaders, cutters, cribbing, jacks, and special lights for visibility. Medics stood by with the stretcher.

The unit needed to be stablized so the team set out bracing the vehicle with multiple pieces of cribbing and jacks. Team members began removal of a jammed and twisted metal door to gain patient access. Firefighters stood by with charged hand lines and extinquishers because of the high fire risk during the operation.

The patient was successfully extricated and transported to VCU Medical Center with life threatening injuries.

The operation took approximately an hour and a half.

The accident cause is under investigation.