Mississippi Firefighter Dies in Tanker Accident

A Mississippi firefighter died in the line of duty Saturday when the tanker he was driving overturned.

Assistant Chief James C. Webb, Jr., an eight-year Bynum Volunteer Fire Department veteran, died while responding to a structure fire.

"He was real dependable," Bynum Chief Tony Reagan said. "When the alarm rang, he was the first guy out there."

Reagan said the vehicle, which Webb was in alone, ended up overturned in a ditch. Webb was thrown from the cab, and was believed to have died from injuries received during the accident. However, official cause of death has not been determined.

The vehicle Webb was driving had traveled the route a hundred times before, Reagan said. Webb, he added, had made the trip dozens of times.

"It wasn't in a bad place," Reagan said of the accident scene, adding that Webb was a reliable, experienced driver driving a well-maintained vehicle. Webb died on the scene, and no one saw the accident, Reagan said.

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