Oklahoma: Fire Risk Extremely High

Warm, dry weather and high winds are contributing to an increased likelihood of grass fire, and several grass fires popped up across Oklahoma City Wednesday -- one that has reemerged Thursday morning.

Firefighters worked a blaze that scorched more than 100 acres near Southwest 119th Street and Cemetery Road. The wall of smoke and flames moved quickly, forcing dozens of firefighters to think ahead of the flames.

According to reports early Thursday, that fire has become a trouble spot again.

Firefighters led cows on farm land to safer ground, yet it didn't save a field filled with hay bales, which fueled flames toward area homes.

The good news is that no structures were damaged in the fire. Firefighters attributed that to neighbors who did what they were supposed to: Keep their fields cut short and keep debris clear.

Stay tuned to Eyewitness News 5 and channeloklahoma.com for updates throughout the day on any fires that pop up in the area.

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