Are You Better Prepared Now? Departments Respond to the Big Question

Billions of dollars have been delivered to beef up their mission capability.Recognizing that the events of September 11, 2001 unveiled real problems for first responders nationwide, federal, state and local governments have shown them the money...

All departments are (or already have received) a new CBRNE unit (Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear, Explosion) response unit and it is staffed. The two large Hazardous Materials Teams in the Valley (Clark County & Las Vegas) have received new units and are equipped with the latest in monitoring equipment and staff.

Each department and law enforcement now has a dedicated homeland security office and they have regular meetings and intelligence exchange.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue operates only public safety bomb squad in Southern Nevada. The team has had an increase in the number of personnel, received new equipment including robots and a mobile command unit for their exclusive use. They have been meeting and training with other local agencies and the military for a number of subjects including explosive devices, chemical/biological weapons and WMD.

Lastly training had increased dramatically. Many people have been to the National Fire Academy for a number courses including over 150 key city officials participated in a week-long training class which focuses on such events. A number of large scale and table top exercises which consisted of agencies at all levels have participated.