CBS To Rebroadcast 9/11 Documentary

While making a documentary on FDNY and a probie firefighter, they filmed the first plane going into the Trade Center.

The CBS Television Network and filmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet and James Hanlon have updated the multiple-award winning program "9/11".

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The two Naudet brothers had been working on a documentary of FDNY and a probie's life in the city. September 11 saw them on a call with the company in the streets of New York when the sound of a low flying jet was heard overhead. As they panned the camera up, the American Airlines jet crashed into the World Trade Center tower.

The exclusive insider's account of the World Trade Center attack will be re-broadcast for the fifth year anniversary of the tragedy. The eyewitness story, which has aired before on CBS, has new interviews with many of the firefighters who were featured in the original program, discussing how ther lives, families and the world have changed in the five years since that fateful day.

Two-time oscar winner Robert De Niro returns as host of the program, taking us back to Ground Zero five years later.

The program will be shown Sunday, September 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.