Pennsylvania Community Buries Fallen Chief


Firefighters from all over the area gathered in Elizabeth Boro Saturday morning.

The gathering was a show of support from a community saying goodbye to its fire chief.

Several hundred people and firefighters from neighboring departments lined Second Street to watch the funeral procession of Lenny Bailey Jr.

One firefighter said the grand memorial is fitting for his grand sacrifice.

"It's a chance we take every day. This could happen to any one of us at any given moment, and when something like this happens, this is the kind of turnout you get," said John Rapp, of the Homestead Fire Department.

Friends of Bailey shared that sentiment.

"I expected it and I think it's great -- a very moving experience," said Mary Both, a friend of Bailey's.

Other friends said that Bailey's selflessness was inherited by his father.

"His dad couldn't even walk sometimes, but still responded to every fire and that's the way the Baileys are," said Nancy Patton, a family friend from the Elizabeth Boro.

The 56-year-old Elizabeth Boro fire chief died Wednesday morning after suffering a massive heart attack on his way to a fire.

Friends said the building where the fire began used to be owned by Bailey's father.

Officials said they suspect an arsonist set the blaze.