Massachusetts Firefighters Rescue Trapped Kayakers

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Hull, Mass. --

Four kayakers were rescued after being trapped under a bridge in the Ware River in Hull, Mass., over the weekend.

The kayakers got into trouble Saturday when the current swept them under a bridge, where they got caught.

The only way out was they way they went in. The tide was rising and the underside of the bridge was rapidly filling with water.

It was a race against time to get the injured kayakers out safely.

"It was minutes and they were under water, so ... We already had two people at the beginning of the tunnel under water, you know. At that time, I had one man by his life jacket and a woman by the back of her hair, trying to hold her head up around the other side of the ladder. So, it was like, four people who were all drowning at once," Hull Fire Department Capt. Chris Russo said.

All of the kayakers and one of the rescuers received medical treatment.

They are all OK.

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