Family Escapes Florida Blaze by Jumping Out Window

ORLANDO, Fla. --

A house fire in Orlando forced some of the residents inside to jump out of windows to safety. The home, on Harwood Avenue in west Orlando, caught fire early Wednesday morning.

Two people were injured and two dogs were killed in the fire, which investigators believe was accidental.

Flames jumped from the side of the home early Wednesday morning. The four people inside got out safely and some of them jumped out of windows to save their lives.

"No, never seen anything like this," said fire victim Zeric Pedica.

Firefighters helped a few people on the street. Two of them were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and cuts they got from the glass on the windows.

"My dog's in there! My dog's in there," fire victim Dorenda Felton yelled.

Sadly for Dorenda, her two dogs were found dead in her bedroom by firefighters.

"It's not just a dog. It's more than just a dog. I knew everyone else was safe, but they were not safe. I don't feel there was enough done to get my dogs out," she said.

Dorenda said she struggled with multiple police officers because she wanted to get her dogs. She said she's raised Lexi and Keylow since they were puppies. They woke her up Wednesday morning.

"They love you unconditionally. You know what I mean. They're not like people," she said.

Firefighters said they did everything they could to save the home, but the intense flames destroyed it.

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