Lightning Damages Historic Florida Home

Lightning during a storm Sunday night damaged a historic home in Longwood, Fla., according to Local 6 News.

"(It was) just big fireworks," neighbor Laura Winfree said. "It was a sizzling crackly and a kaboom. Immediately, we were all shaking."

Firefighters who were responding to a false alarm across the street from the fire at 810 11th Street were able to put the flames out in seconds.

However, fire and smoke damaged the home.

The owner of the structure, which was built in 1885, had just finished renovations.

"Everything was so new," homeowner Kris Roy said. "My husband had just filled out a form from the insurance company saying that we did renovations. It was sitting in the office that burned, it hadn't gone out in the mail yet."

No one was injured in the fire.

There was also no word if the building could be saved.

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