Hawaii Wildfire Keeps Crews Busy

WAIALUA, Hawaii --

The biggest brushfire of the season continued on Monday to burn on the North Shore near Kaukonahua Road.

Firefighters battled tried to keep it from jumping onto the Waianae Mountains.

The fire broke out on Sunday afternoon and spread quickly, threatening homes in the area.

Before dawn, the fire still raged. Fire crews had their hands full trying to contain it even though rains helped in the morning hours.

By the afternoon, firefighters were battling in three different locations. The brush fire burned more than 2,000 acres. The terrain is steep and the winds are gusty, so it is a tough fire to contain, officials said.

"This is a big fire. It's spread out in an area that 's hard to get to, like many of the areas around here. It spread quickly yesterday due to the winds, and it's a challenge. It's not unique, but it's a fire that's bigger than what we've seen this summer," HFD Capt. Terry Seelig said.

Two helicopters darted back and forth, dropping water on the hot spots.

The worst damage occurred along Kaukonahua Road, where the fire burned some utility poles. Crews from Oceanic Time Warner Cable were busy restringing cables.

"The big concern is that the fire might travel down the ravine, jump over and get up into the Waianae Mountains, and that would be a problem," Seelig said.

At one point on Sunday, the fire prompted officials to evacuate about 50 residents from Waialua neighborhoods near the fire.

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