Kentucky Teens Save Family from Fire


Firefighters said five family members made it out of a burning building in Northern Kentucky thanks to some quick-thinking teens.

The teens said they were driving by, saw smoke and flames, and woke up everyone inside the building in Bellevue just outside Cincinnati.

Firefighters said the smoke detectors did not go off because smoke never actually reached the detectors.

It was smoky when we were going across the stairwell thing, Daryl Wynn, one of the teen rescuers, said. As soon as we started banging on doors, flames kicked in. We started punching windows, yelling through the house, hoping someone would answer.

Barb Woodall, who escaped the fire, said she heard the doorbell and banging and wondered what was going on when she woke up.

The house was engulfed, Woodall said. Five more minutes and we really wouldve been gone.

Four people suffered minor burns from an explosion during the fire. The building was destroyed. The cause of the fire is not yet known, but fire officials said it was probably something electrical.