Miami-Dade, Fla. Captain, Brockton, Mass. Firefighters Honored for Rescues presents interviews with some of the winners of the Annual Firehouse Magazine Heroism & Community Service Awards.

  • Lieutenant Albert Cinotti, West Islip, NY, Fire Department, Company 4
    While returning home from the firehouse, he came upon a house fire and without any protective equipment, entered the structure and removed an elderly male. Moments after he exited the structure, the room flashed over.
  • Firefighter Thomas McGlade, FDNY, Ladder 14
    After being extended by tower ladder into the East River, he rescued a man 120 feet from the shore as he was being swept by strong currents.
$250 Award Winners
  • Captain James W. Kitson FDNY, Ladder 47
    Crawled into an apartment fire to locate an unconscious man. He dragged the victim to safety.
  • Captain Peter Melly, FDNY, Division 7
    While attempting to shut the door to an apartment while several firefighters were trapped by 50-mph wind- fueled flames, he was hit by a stream and lost his helmet and face piece. He suffered second-degree burns
$200 Award Winners
  • Firefighter George Eonas, Brockton, MA, Fire Department, Tower 2
    After helping remove one victim of a house fire to safety, he stayed with another victims until a safe means of egress was found.
  • Firefighter Kevin Galligan, Brockton, MA, Fire Department, Tower 2.
    Arriving first at a house fire, he used a ladder to rescue two occupants. He later located and removed two more victims.
  • Lieutenant Daniel Santry, Brockton, MA, Fire Department, Tower 2
    With firefighters Eonas and Santry, located and removed two victims after assisting an infant and woman down a ground ladder at a house fire.
$100 Winners