North Carolina Assistant Chief Honored for Rescue

Mebane, N.C. Assistant Chief Tim Bradley was recently awarded a Firehouse Heroism Award.

He said it also showed that he still has it after all these years.

"I'm too old to be jumping through windows; or that's what people tell me anyways," he said with a laugh.

2007 Firehouse Heroism Awards

Grand Prize Recipient

  • Firefighter James T. Byrne, FDNY Ladder 121
    After leading a probationary firefighter to a refuge area, he crawled 22 feet under wind-driven flames to rescue a downed firefighter. He carried him back to safety.
$750 Award Winners
  • Assistant Chief Tim Bradley, Mebane, NC, Fire Department
    Arriving before fire apparatus, he entered a well-involved mobile home to rescue a child without SCBA or a hoseline.
  • Firefighter Joseph W. Donatelli, FDNY Ladder 132
    After being lowered from the roof on a rope, rescued a woman trapped on the 25th floor as fire burned on the two floors below.
$500 Award Winners
  • Lieutenant Albert Cinotti, West Islip, NY, Fire Department, Company 4
    While returning home from the firehouse, he came upon a house fire and without any protective equipment, entered the structure and removed an elderly male. Moments after he exited the structure, the room flashed over.
  • Firefighter Thomas McGlade, FDNY, Ladder 14
    After being extended by tower ladder into the East River, he rescued a man 120 feet from the shore as he was being swept by strong currents.
$250 Award Winners
  • Captain James W. Kitson FDNY, Ladder 47
    Crawled into an apartment fire to locate an unconscious man. He dragged the victim to safety.
  • Captain Peter Melly, FDNY, Division 7
    While attempting to shut the door to an apartment while several firefighters were trapped by 50-mph wind- fueled flames, he was hit by a stream and lost his helmet and face piece. He suffered second-degree burns
$200 Award Winners