North Carolina Assistant Chief Honored for Rescue

Mebane, N.C. Assistant Chief Tim Bradley was recently awarded a Firehouse Heroism Award.

  • Cobb, GA, Fire & Emergency Serv.: Ronald G. Fagan, Trevor A. Levy, Stephen C. Bennet, & Kerry Lambert
    Searching the floor above the fire in a seven-story hotel without a hoseline, the crew faced zero visibility and crawled to find one victim. The fire flashed over before they could reach the second. A third victim was rescued in a stairwell.
  • Fairfax County, VA, Fire Rescue: R419
    Providing mutual aid to Prince William County, the crew responded to a tractor-trailer crash 150 yards off the road. They set up a rope system, carried down tools and assisted in extrication of victim for aerial evacuation.
  • Manassas, VA, VFC: Michael Lesnick, Jeff Lenard, James McCormack, James Rose
    Responding to a house fire with people trapped, they prepared to enter the basement. An explosion blew the crew out of the house, and knocked one unconscious. With worsening conditions, they directed the hoseline.
  • Tuscaloosa, AL, Fire Rescue: Derrick Riddle, John Snider, Mike Daugherty & Jack Freeman
    Facing a house heavily involved with fire and smoke so thick that the thermal imaging camera was difficult to read, the crew performed a search. They found the victim, lifted him out a window and performed BLS until equipment arrived.
  • Brockton, MA, FD: Tower 2
    Four people were rescued under heavy smoke and fire conditions without the protection of a hoseline. Members accessed the home through ground ladders via a third floor window. They found two unconscious adults, dragged them to the window, and performed life-saving measures.
  • Fairfax County
    When a storm dropped more than 13 inches of rain in some areas, multiple emergency situations arose, including the flooding of up to 100 homes. Water rose over cars and into house. Major roads were closed. Approximately 80 people were rescued. One business and and 245 homes were damaged, causing about $11 million.

This year's Firehouse Heroism Award recipients were awarded prizes with support from E-One, V.H. Blackinton & Co., Inc. and The Charles Evans Foundation. If you would like to nominate someone from your department for next years awards, please clickhere.