Friends Bid Farewell to Chicago Firefighter

Family and friends of firefighter William Grant bid a sad farewell to the fallen hero on Monday.

Firefighters filled the hall where Grant's visitation was held Monday evening. Grant was remembered as a heroic firefighter and family man. He left behind a 3-year-old son and two young daughters.

"When people get hurt or in trouble, they call the fire department. We have nobody to call, so we take care of each other. This is our comfort, is with each other," said Engine 84 Captain George Healy.

Kevin Lee, who said he was one of Grant's best friends, said it's been "real tough" since the collision.

"I can't sit still," Lee said.

"He had a famous saying, 'Any day above ground is a good day,'" recalled Larry Nair, Grant's brother in law. "He lived that way. Every day was a good day for him ... just being around him, you felt happy to be alive."

So many mourners lined up for the visitation, a second day was scheduled to make sure all those who wished to honor Grant would be accommodated.

Grant will be buried with honors on Wednesday. The pallbearers will be his firefighter friends from Engine 84.