New Hampshire Officers Vandalize Fire Station

The Litchfield Board of Selectmen has unanimously voted to suspend two town police officers without pay after the officers admitted to entering the Litchfield Fire Department March 17 and vandalizing it.

The two officers were on duty at the time of the alleged incident.

The fire chief said when he arrived the next morning, he found food and drinks smashed into the floor and carpet. He said insulting messages were also written on a whiteboard and a nasty note about the chief was taped to a cookie jar.

Fire Chief Tom Schofield said he did not know what the motive for the incident might have been.

The attorney general's office began an investigation soon after the incident, but advised Schofield this week that no criminal charges would be filed.

"They've decided that it doesn't rise to a criminal offense and they're not going to press criminal charges against the two police officers that have admitted to breaking into the fire station and doing damage," said Schofield.

Schofield went on to say that his department feels violated and that members are planning to attend a selectboard meeting on Monday night to demand that action be taken.

Chairman of the Board Cecile Williams said Saturday that the two officers will remain on unpaid leave until a further investigation into the incident can be completed.