Florida Firefighters Rescue Woman from Underneath Car

A woman was pinned between her car's sunroof and the ground after it flipped several times and landed in a ditch. Orange County firefighters spent about 25 minutes Wednesday morning rescuing the female driver who was trapped between the car and the ground after it flipped over and landed upside down in a ditch.

"The patient had their head pinned between the roof and the ground. So we utilized what are called low-pressure airbags and at the same time we stabilized the vehicle on both sides and we were able to get the patient out safely," said Batt. Chief Thomas Rullo of the Orange County Fire Rescue.

It will be up to the Florida Highway Patrol to determine why the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The accident occurred around 2:45am Wednesday. The car was headed east on Colonial Drive when it suddenly veered off the road.

Two of the tires on the car were visibly shredded. Only 20 feet away from where the car landed was a stream of water. Had the car ended up in the water, the woman would have likely drowned.

"Not to mention the fact she could have been hit by a vehicle, because it is a cross lane, so she's lucky she didn't get hit," added Rullo.

The FHP will determine if the vehicle crashed due to user error or mechanical failure.