Florida Volunteers, Sheriff's Office Compete to Provide Fire Services

The battle between departments has played out for months in front of town commissioners and residents.

Mayor Oliver Parker said he plans to ask each department about their role, ongoing problems and the cost of their services.

"They need to show they can do the job," said Parker of the volunteers. "Whether they can show us that, I don't know."

Residents have mixed opinions.

Karen Webster, 60, said she likes having both departments.

"If one's busy at least you are going to have the other," said Webster, who lives in the annexed part of town.

Gil Morrow, 47, who lives behind the volunteer firehouse, said volunteers are ready to handle calls alone.

"They are fully capable to handling the area," Morrow said. " From what I see, they are doing a good job."

Republished with permission of The Sun-Sentinel.