Florida Firefighters Contain Brush Fire


Firefighters in New Smyrna Beach were keeping a close eye, Wednesday, on a fire that crept dangerously close to some homes. The fire burned about 50 acres just southwest of the intersection of Turnbull Bay Road and Martins Dairy Road near the Sugar Mill Country Club, Tuesday night.

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Firefighters said they had the fire under control, but they were keeping close watch on the hot spots, because they were burning close to homes and because neighbors know what could happen if the fires reignite.

As the flames drew near, Tuesday evening, homeowners in the Sugar Mill Estates watched firefighters battle the flames, pulling water hoses with them. Some residents, meanwhile, chose to evacuate voluntarily. They had seen the scenario before. In May 2006, a brush fire destroyed two homes and damaged three in the same subdivision.

"You learn from experience. So we had everything set up hoping this wouldn't happen again. But here we are," said residen Julie Bren.

As winds died down Tuesday night, firefighters took control, containing the fire to 50 acres of land and homeowners began to return, anxious to find their possessions safe and sound.

"Your home is in there and all your pictures and everything. My mom just died and I've got all her pictures. It's just a dreadful thing," Bren added. "But these guys do a great job, so I hope they're okay."

An investigation was underway to determine what started the fire.