Sheriff's Office Denies Role in Florida Fire

Residents question whether tear-gas canisters fired into the building to flush out a barricaded gunman started the fire that left 100 people homeless.

''I turned around and Dan had a gun in his hand,'' the boy said. ''So I just ran into the house and yelled for my mom.''

Suzanne Autrey called 911 and her husband. A police blockade kept John Autrey from reaching his home, so he waited in his car with his son. He stayed on his cellphone with his wife, who hid with their other son in their living room.

Wendy Magno said her ex-husband had become despondent over the past few months. The two had talked about his split with Rodriguez. ''He told me that she was dating some other guy,'' said Magno. ''That just was too much for him.''

Three weeks ago, Wendy Magno decided it was best to halt their kids' weekend visits. 'The last time, my girls came home saying, 'There's something wrong with Daddy.' ''