Second FDNY Firefighter Wake Held

(New York-WABC, January 27, 2005) -- Today a wake was held for another New York City firefighter killed in the line of duty this week.

Lieutenant Curtis Meyran was killed after he and several others jumped out of a fourth floor window to avoid the fire.

Lieutenant Meyran was a decorated firefighter, over his career he received two medals for bravery and today here at this funeral home family, friends and fellow firefighters continued the process of saying goodbye.

Firefighters and friends joined Lieutenant Curtis Meyran's family at a Long Island funeral home to remember a fallen hero.

Francis Desola, Relative: "He loved is job and I just feel sorry for my niece and the three children he left behind."

The 46 year-old died on what's now being remembered as the worst day for the FDNY since 9/11. On Sunday Meyran died after jumping from a burning building in the Bronx. He jumped to his death with firefighter John Bellew. That same day a few hours later firefighter Richard Sclafani died in a Brooklyn house fire.

Lieutenant is being remembered as a good firefighter and officer.

"He loved his family and he loved the job and he loved taking care and teaching young guys."

Lieutenant Meyran was not supposed to work on Sunday, but volunteered.

Earlier Thursday, another funeral was being held - for firefighter John Bellew, who died alongside Lieutenant Meyran on Sunday in the Bronx.

Eyewitness News Reporter Marcus Solis has the story from Pearl River

The funeral procession was just getting underway at Saint Margaret's around noon Thursday. John Bellew used to run marathons, he worked on Wall Street but fire fighting was his life and today he's being remembered as someone who made the ultimate sacrifice while trying to save others.

The wall of blue is in place, the support system of the brotherhood known as the FDNY. Thousands of firefighters were in attendance for the funeral of firefighter John Bellew, the first of three consecutive days of funerals for the departed.

John Castles,FDNY: "This is what you do, this is what it's all about - the brotherhood. You support the families and support the other brothers."

Bellew was killed Sunday morning when he and five other firefighters jumped from a fourth story window to escape an out of control fire. Lt. Curtis Meyran was also killed. Bellew is being remembered as a devoted family man who loved his wife, four kids and his dangerous job. Bellew left his first career as an investment banker to join the FDNY.

Kieran Doran, Friend: "I remember vividly when he made the decision to leave that world and join the fire department. It surprised a lot of people but if you knew John, that's what made him happy, he's that kind of guy."

Mayor Bloomberg and Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta were among those paying their respects. Even New York City cops from the precinct that neighbors Bellew's fire house.

P.O. John Walker, NYPD: "You hate to see anybody go in the line of duty. Unfortunately the circumstances that led to their death was a hell of a way to go and of course it's anther sad day for the department. He was a gentleman of a guy."

Firefighter John Bellew was just months away from being promoted to Lieutenant. He was awarded that rank posthumously. Among those scheduled to give a eulogy, his wife Eileen.

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