Rhode Island Firetruck Flips Over

RICHMOND -- A Richmond-Carolina Fire District fire truck flipped over en route to a fire Saturday afternoon, injuring the driver.

Richmond-Carolina Fire Chief Scott Barber said the cause of the accident, which occurred at the intersection of Shannock Hill Road and Bass Rock Road, is still under investigation.

The truck, carrying one person, was driving to a brush fire reported at 3:27 p.m. on West Shannock Road, when it turned over around 3:45 p.m., Barber said.

Fire and rescue personnel from the Richmond-Carolina Fire District, Hope Valley-Wyoming Fire District, Charlestown Fire and Rescue, Richmond Police Department and Hope Valley Ambulance responded to the scene.

These responders and off-duty firefighters from other departments assisted in extricating the driver, who was conscious, from the truck before transporting him to South County Hospital for treatment, Barber said.

The driver, whose name has not been released, has been a member of the Richmond-Carolina Department for at least five years, he said.

The extent of the driver's injuries, while not life-threatening, are unknown, Barber added.

At the scene, the 3,000-gallon tank truck marked Carolina 614 lay on its top, one side ripped off lying in the street and the passenger side of the cab crushed. The truck has been deemed a complete loss, according to Barber.

Members of the Hope Valley Hazardous Materials Team lay down absorbent pads to contain and limit runoff from the truck's 40-gallon capacity fuel tank toward a nearby brook. State Department of Environmental Management officials also responded to help determine the extent of cleanup needed for fuel and oil seeping into the street.

Barber said when he heard the crash over the scanner he had a "sinking feeling."

"I just knew that it had to be one of our pieces," he said. "It was an unfortunate incident. Fortunately, the person doesn't seem to be injured too badly."

Barber added a call involving a department member is "probably one of the most disheartening things" for a fire chief to hear.