Attacks Get Attention of South Dakota Authorities

The early morning bombings in London Thursday that left dozens dead and hundreds injured have officials in South Dakota monitoring the situation closely.

One way he feels biases could be negated is by Muslim groups in the United States denouncing the terroristic actions of extremist Muslim groups.

Service as usual: With the U.S. threat level for mass transit systems being raised to "Orange" or very high, transportation agencies are taking extra precautions to ensure that passengers will be safe.

Dave Osborn, transportation director of Ride Line, said measures and precautions are being taken with the Aberdeen bus service to ensure riders are safe.

"We're taking care of certain measures and services won't be changed," Osborn said.

He added that passengers won't notice the changes and he wouldn't say exactly what measures Ride Line is taking.

"We review what's going on around the area and keep an eye on what's happening around the world," Osborn said. "We're prepared."

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