Suburban Chicago Officials Indicted

CHICAGO (AP) -- A suburban public safety director, a county prosecutor and a policeman were among five people charged Wednesday in an indictment involving an election-night brawl.

The fight broke out the night of April 5 after municipal elections in Berwyn at a restaurant about 10 miles west of Chicago, according to Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office.

Wayne Pesek - the 54-year-old former village manager for North Riverside, a neighboring community - suffered broken facial bones, cracked ribs and a concussion in the fight.

According to Berwyn's Mayor-elect Michael O'Connor, who said he saw the police report on the incident, the brawl erupted after Pesek said something about losses in the election.

''We were saddened that Berwyn got a black eye,'' O'Connor said. ''But we're also glad that the wheels of justice have begun to turn.''

Frank Marzullo, who as Berwyn's public safety director serves as both police and fire chief, was charged in the indictment Wednesday with felony aggravated battery in the brawl, and felony official misconduct for interfering with a Forest Park police investigation, according to Madigan's office.

Marzullo is retiring April 30. Officials have said the 30-year veteran is stepping down because of the change in administration occasioned by O'Connor's victory.

Marzullo's son, Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Jerry Marzullo, also was charged with aggravated battery. Frank Marzullo's brother, Russell Marzullo, was charged with aggravated battery and unlawful restraint. Jerry Marzullo lost his bid for Berwyn alderman in the April election.

Berwyn police officer Michael Fellows and a man identified only as Charles Baugh were charged with aggravated battery in the case.

Messages for Frank Marzullo and Jerry Marzullo were not immediately returned; phone listings for Russell Marzullo, Fellows and Baugh could not be found.

Madigan spokeswoman Melissa Merz said she didn't know the names of the men's attorneys.

A bond hearing is scheduled for Thursday.