One Presumed Dead in Huge New York Fire

Images from the Scene
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(Yonkers -WABC, January 26, 2005) -- One person is missing and presumed dead after a huge apartment fire overnight. Firefighters were still dousing hot spots early Wednesday morning, still putting out the blaze that started around 7:00pm on Tuesday.

Eyewitness News' Kemberly Richardson is at the scene with more.

Firefighters who first arrived here last night knew they had a urgent situation. People were screaming for help from their windows, and many of the folks could not get to the fire escape. Crews using ladders and buckets ended up rescuing more than two dozen people.

It was gas that made a bad situation worse. It stirred up the inferno at this seven story apartment building in Yonkers.

Many residents at 100 Carroll Avenue were forced to run for their lives, as ninety firefighters helped fight the smoke and flames that engulfed the building.

Fourteen people were hurt, including two firefighters who slipped on ice. None of those 14 suffered serious injuries.

Not much is left in the building. Many of the floors are simply gone, collapsed from the top down.

Firefighters believe the flames started on a lower floor and shot up a shaft. They're investigating how it all started.