Woman Pleads Guilty in D.C. Fire Truck Crash

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A woman who crashed into a fire truck while ten children were in her car accepted a plea deal Tuesday.

Tandra Vaughn, 31, pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree cruelty to children. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to drop other charges in connection with the April 3 wreck in Southeast Washington.

Authorities said the fire truck had its flashing lights on while firefighters were checking on an alarm. According to prosecutors, Vaughn admitted smoking PCP and drinking beer before getting into the car. Her blood alcohol level was almost triple the legal limit.

Investigators said she piled seven of her own children and three nieces and nephews into a Nissan Altima to drive them home from a party. None were in a safety seat or had a seat belt on. A two-year-old boy had a fractured skull. A relative told WJLA-TV Tuesday that all of the children are now out of the hospital.

Sentencing was set for June 15 in District of Columbia Superior Court. No sentence was agreed to in the plea deal, so Vaughn could get up to 15 years in prison.