Three Firefighters Injured in Grass Fire in North Dakota

Mark Keller suffered severe burns yesterday (April 8) when he and two other firefighters were stranded when the wind switched direction and their truck stalled while fighting a large grass fire near Wilton.

Keller also is a Burleigh County deputy.

Wilton Fire Chief J-D YoungBird says the firefighters were engulfed by flames -- but those who weren't injured managed to get the others out.

YoungBird says Geremy Olson suffered burns and a broken leg and James Meyers suffered burns to his face. They were taken to hospitals in Bismarck.

The severity of their injuries is not immediately known.

YoungBird says he spoke with Olson and Meyers this morning. He says they were in good spirits.

YoungBird says the fire was nearly contained this morning -- but winds were picking up and firefighters were worried it could flare up again.

He says about ten firefighters are on scene -- about 18 miles north of Bismarck.

YoungBird says the fire scorched a swath nearly six miles long and about a mile wide. He says firefighters battled the blaze through the night.

YoungBird says the fire might have been ignited by a wood pile that was burned about a month ago by a farmer.