Young Brothers Die in Virginia House Fire

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) -- A fire in a second-floor apartment Wednesday killed two young brothers, fire officials said.

The mother and her oldest son were able to escape. The boys killed in the fire were 5 and 1.

Ginger Pentecost, the owner of Ashlawn Drive house, was asleep when she heard her upstairs tenant cry out for help.

``She said the house was on fire,'' Pentecost said. ``She couldn't get the babies.''

Pentecost said the woman, a widow, lived with her three boys.

Pentecost said thick smoke prevented her from even seeing where the fire was and kept her and other would-be rescuers at bay.

After an explosion inside, a police officer who had arrived warned people away from the door. By that time, flames were shooting from the side of the house.

The victims were not immediately identified.