NVFC; Go Get DSH Billions

On December 3, Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge announced the recipients of $1.66 billion in grants to states and an additional $855 million in grants to urban areas to fund first responders and support state and local resources necessary to prevent, respond and recover from acts of terrorism and other disasters. The NVFC is encouraging the fire service to work closely with their state homeland security points of contact to ensure they receive proper consideration when funds are distributed to the local level.

Under the state Homeland Security Grant Program, each state, territory and the District of Columbia receives a portion of the $1.66 billion in grants based on a formula consisting of a baseline amount plus the population of the state or territory. The funding is used for equipment, training, planning and exercises. The Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) provides additional resources to those areas with greater security needs by allocating $855 million in a formula that considers a number of factors including population and population density; critical infrastructure; threat information; formal mutual aid cooperation; and law enforcement investigations and enforcement activity.

The recipients of this round of FY