Kentucky Employee Accused Of Setting Morning Fire That Destroyed Four Businesses

Investigators remain on the scene of a major fire in Jessamine County.

It started early Tuesday morning and destroyed four businesses in an industrial park on Computrex Drive.

Now, an employee of one of the businesses destroyed by the blaze is charged with third-degree arson in connection with the fire.

It was originally a burglary call that got police on the scene of the fire. Before police arrived, there was an explosion, sending flames high into the air.

The fire quickly spread to the roof of the building engulfed in flames. Nearly every fire truck in Nicholasville and Jessamine County was dispatched to the scene.

The scarcity of water was a problem fighting the blaze.

An employee of one of the businesses affected called police to report a burglary. John Branscum is with Nicholasville police. "Some other people had allegedly entered the building and made threats against the employee--threats he felt were life-threatening."

Police say the employee who has now been charged with arson told police he knocked over a kerosene heater as he tried to quickly exit the building.

Police were unable to find any sign of alleged intruders.

Daylight brought to light the extent of the damage. In all, four businesses went up in smoke. Scott Collins is the owner of Collins Dental Supply.

"It's hard to wake up to a phone call--what you put your life in to so many years is not there anymore."

The four businesses destroyed were Metcalfe Plumbing, Algonquin Properties, Collins Dental Supply and H. H. General Contractor.

The nearby Providence School was unscathed, but classes were cancelled for the day.