Fires Destroy Two North Dakota Homes

GRAFTON, N.D. (AP) -- Problems with old wiring may have caused a fire that destroyed a two-story home here Monday, authorities said.

Joe and Daisy Torres and their two small children escaped the fire, officials said. A Grafton bank was taking donations for the family.

Fire Chief Ken Popeil said he suspected old electrical wiring caused the fire, which began in an upstairs bedroom.

``Pretty much the top floor is gutted and the bottom floor has smoke and water damage. I'm sure the structure is totaled,'' he said.

In West Fargo, authorities said a separate fire that destroyed a mobile home Sunday night apparently was caused by a faulty extension cord.

Terri Fox and her two children were not at home at the time, but some of their pets died in the fire.

West Fargo Fire Chief Roy Schatschneider said it appeared the coiled extension cord shorted out and started the fire in the mobile home entryway.

An apartment fire in Fargo caused an estimated $65,000 in damage Sunday, but no injuries were reported. The kitchen fire started when cooking oil ignited, fire officials said.